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Get Sailing Today


If you have ever stood on the shore and watched the sailing boats with their bright sails or watched dinghy sailors gliding through the water as they brave the elements; and wondered how you could be part of this fascinating sport?


Then come along to our FREE talk "Sailing on Galway Bay" at either  the Harbor Hotel on Saturday May 18th or in the Galway Bay Sailing Club on June the 8th


Our experienced members will be on hand will share their knowledge with you and answer as best any question that you may have so weather you just want to splash around and have fun, sail on cruising yachts or even go sailing in foreign waters.


Its actually so  really easy to get involved.


This two hour talk facilitated by an experienced sailor will tell you how to get on the water and experience the thrill of using the wind to propel you,


11.00        Introduction to sailing - How a boat works and how the wind propels you

11.15         Sailing on Galway Bay - Dinghies, Cruisers and other craft

11.30        What you need - Wet Gear, Clothing, life jackets

11.50        Training courses and next steps

12.10        How to get on the water without having to buy a boat

12.30       Demonstration of a Dinghy

12: 45      Tour of a yacht


So why not joins us for this free event and realise the possibilities . Register below

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