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The Galway Bay Windfall

Monthly Fundraising Draw

We are launching an exciting new monthly draw in aid of Galway Bay Sailing Club’s Development Fund.


We have a plan in place for the construction of a new RIB storage and repair area, and a redevelopment of the current storage area as a bespoke training and meeting facility.

While we already have planning permission, we still need to raise funds via grants and other supports. And so, we are launching the Galway Bay Windfall. Each month you will have a chance to win a significant cash prize. But more importantly, you are helping us to achieve our goals of having great facilities for all our members and growing our role in the community.

You can join the draw by contributing €20 per month. The draw will take place on the second Monday of each Month.

20% of the funds from the previous calendar month will be made available as a cash prize for the winner. The  remainder will be added to the club development account.

The sign-up process is easily completed using the Clubzap application where you can securely register your details and pay using any major card provider. And of course you can cancel your subscription at any time.

The draw is open to both members and non-members. The more participants, the bigger the prize

fund and the more raised for the club development fund. So, if you can entice friends, relatives and

or work colleagues, all the better.

We are aware that everyone is under pressure to support a wide range of clubs and charities, but we

know you will see the return on your investment at our facilities in Renville and the continued growth

of sailing on Galway Bay.

So, come try your luck in the Galway Bay Windfall and know that your support of Galway Bay Sailing

Club is always appreciated.


The draw takes place at the GBSC monthly committee meeting on the second Monday of every month.

Date: 8 August 2022

No. Entries: 21

Winner: Eugene Burke

Jackpot: €84

Date: 18 July 2022

No. of Entries: 22

Winner: Will & Eimear Schumacher

Jackpot: €88

Date: 13 June 2022

No. of Entries: 23

Winner: Brendan Gallagher

Jackpot: €92

Date: 11 April 2022 (Bonus Draw)

No. of Entries: 24

Winner: Dorcas Whitney

Jackpot: €96

Date: 11 April 2022

No. of Entries: 24

Winner: Fergal Lyons

Jackpot: €96

Date: 15 March 2022

No. of Entries: 24

Winner: Rita Burke

Jackpot: €96

Date: 14 February 2022

No. of Entries: 23

Winner: Dorcas Whitney

Jackpot: €92

Date: 10 January 2022

No. of Entries: 23

Winner: Gary Allen

Jackpot: €92

Date: 13 December 2021

No. of Entries: 24

Winner: David Wall

Jackpot: €96

Date: 8 November 2021

No. of Entries: 24

Winner: Conor Owens

Jackpot: €96

Date: 11 October 2021

No. of Entries: 23

Winner: Micheal Fleming

Jackpot: €92

Date: 13 September 2021

No. of Entries: 18

Winner: Cormac Mac Donncha

Jackpot €72

Date: 9 August 2021

No. of Entries: 17

Winner: Alan Donnelly

Jackpot: €68

Date: 19 July 2021

No. of Entries: 28 (for 2 months)

Winner: Eugene Burke

Jackpot: €112