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GBSC Mariner's Memorial Service

Pierce Purcell and all involved in the recent moving and memorable Mariner's Memorial Service would like to sincerely like to thank the members who came on board and gave exceptional support when asked the first time, which makes an enormous difference when taking on or getting landed with events at the club. It was certainly a happy occasion making arrangements, getting the timing of the large fleet of boats, clubs, fisheries, Civil Defence, Diving Club, and the many yachts to the line in time for the Coastguard fly over. All the businesses we approached helped including Ocean Cabs Peter Raftery and the club's John Murphy for providing minibuses and contributing a professional touch bringing people to the club from the carparks and avoiding congestion. Paul Foley from Calasanctius College for providing the shoreside seating and Gerry Harrisson for giving us the flowers which were scattered by yachts on the bay to remember our maritime comrades. Pierce Jnr -Galway Maritime, for taking up the printing tab. Our appreciation to the Galway Advertiser and Lorna Siggins for their articles which brought messages from across the Island and further afield . Lastly all the members who provided assistance, they know who I mean.

The club must acknowledge Cian Baynes for organising the very capable juniors who showed their fantastic boat handling skills Thanks juniors. A Sincere Thank you to a great team .

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