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Course Summary

Cara na Mara

Cara na Mara is a child focused approach to introducing sailing to children, allowing children to discover, explore and practice the skills and knowledge they will need as sailors.

This is an on the water and shoreside training program that delivers the basic sailing skills of seamanship, science and environmental awareness.

The course is aimed at the 7 - 11 year old and delivered in to formats

Otters        7 - 8       Ten mornings over two weeks

Seals etc   9 - 11      Five mornings over one week

Start Sailing

This course is designed an Introduction to Sailing and is specifically designed for Junior and Teenager participants that have had no previous sailing experience.


It provides the participant with their first experience of sailing in a save and supervised environment. 

Basic Skills

For either Juniors or Teenagers that have some previous experience of sailing such as the Cara Na Mara or Start Sailing.


 This course serves as the entry point for the Irish Sailing program that can lead to a lifetime of enjoyment.

Improving Skills

This course is aimed at Sailors that wish to advance their learning and progress along the path way to either competitive sailing and or becoming Junior or Senior Instructors in time.

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