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Presidents Cup &

Hansa Nationals 2018

GBSC are delighted to be hosting the 2018 Hansa Nationals and President’s Cup in Galway Bay on 25th & 26th August.

Sailing will be run from Galway City (not GBSC in Oranmore, for logistics reasons).


Below is a link to is an accommodation list. We would encourage early booking and to contact hotels directly to compare prices with online booking, as direct rates can be cheaper.

The Programme for the weekend can be accessed via the link below. Times may vary slightly depending on progress over the weekend.


These events are being run in association with 2018 Watersports Inclusion Games (canoe/kayak, rowing, try sailing), following last year's successful Dunlaoghaire event.

These activities will be running from the Commercial Boat Club, Woodquay, Galway City.


We expect all provinces to have Hansas and 2.4’s competing. We will not limit the 2.4mR to one per province, but their best performing boat will go towards the President’s Cup results.


A PY Class is being introduced this year to accommodate teams who do not have a Squibb or Hawk available to enter. The PY substitute boats this year are :
Hawk :    Sonar or Sport 16
Squibb :  Martin 16 
NB – It will be each teams responsibility to get their boats to Galway and back home.
All boat parts must be labelled clearly by each team. This applies to hulls, masts, sails and trolleys and is essential to avoid equipment getting mixed-up or lost. 

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