Lamb's Week 2022 


Galway - Ros a' Mhíl - Cil Rónáin - Roundstone - Galway

Lambs Week 2022 will be held from Thursday July 28th to Monday August 1st 2022.  We'll be posting more information here in the coming weeks.  If you have any questions in the meantime please reach out to

Proposed Schedule:

Thu 28 July,       Galway to Ros a'Mhíl 

Fri 29 July,         Ros a'Mhíl to Cil Rónáin

Sat 301 July,        'Round Aran

Sun 31 July,       Cil Rónáin to Roundstone

Mon 1 Aug,      Roundstone to Ros a'Mhíl/Galway


For any questions, email