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Galway Maritime King of the Bay Oyster Festival

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And so we come to the final Galway Maritime King  of the Bay event of 2021.  Having visited many ports and hostelries around the bay, we return once more to the Galway Docks.  In previous years we would be visiting the Galway Oyster Festival tent, but as that is up in the air again this year, we strike out and organize our own festivities. 

The day will start at 3.30PM with the first start of the King of the Bay event.  This is the competitive start for boats with Echo or IRC handicaps.  We are restricting this start to boats that participated in a previous KOTB event this season.  Once those boats get underway we will have a second start for any other boats that wish to race.  This will likely include some of the docks boats as well as the Hookers (Gleoiteogs, Leathbhad  etc..).  We will subsequently have another more relaxed start for boats that just want to follow the course without any competitive pressures.

The course will take us along the Salthill waterfront, providing a showcase and spectacle of sailing as observed from the promenade.

The finish line will be at Rinmore point, the entrance to the docks.  

Boats are then welcome into the inner docks once the gates open.  We will raft up at the marina and partake in some fresh draft beer (Murphys and Heineken) poured from the good ship Galypso.  Galway Bay Seafoods is delivering oysters to the marina but these need to be ordered and paid for in advance.  You can submit your order for as many dozen as you like at the link below.

All sailors, friends and families welcome.  We hope to have boats from Renville, Galway Docks, Ros a Mhil as well as the Hookers.

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