Boat Park Fence

Commencement Date:                 January 2021

Target Completion Date:              March 2021

Project Lead:                                  Conor Lyons

Team:                                               Walter McInerny; Johnny Shorten

Scope:                                              Construction of fence enclosure of cruiser park


The cruiser park is the winter storage area for cruisers in Galway Bay Sailing Club. Cruiser owners pay an annual fee to store their boats here and require crane facilities to lift in and lift out at the start and end of the season, respectively. Yachts are stored “on the hard” as the winter weather is not conducive to sailing and storms can be damaging to yachts on swing moorings. It is also a condition for yacht Insurance policies that they cannot be left on a swing mooring from the end of October to the beginning of April. The club also from time to time allow temporary storage of yachts in this area on an individual arrangement basis.

The area is currently enclosed using a number of metal posts and metal fence panels which are poorly attached and broken in a number of places. This fencing is unsightly and provides little security to the area. Broken fencing has protruding metal parts which are hazardous to club members and the public.

The new fence will

  • Improve security within the area

  • Properly define GBSC land

  • Replace hazardous existing fencing.

  • Improve aesthetics and

  • Serve to encourage other local groups to clean up and improve adjoining areas.




  1. identify boundary.

  2. Fence design

  3. Source materials

  4. Clear area and dismantle exiting fencing.

  5. Installation




Preliminary Costing


Item No.      Details                                             Cost      Quantity      Total

1                   Concrete H Post 2.7 M                   19.53     30                585.90

2                   Concrete Base Panel                     15.69    30                470.70

3                   Fence Post concrete Rapid set     6.44     10                  64.40

4                   Fence Panels                                    100      30                 3000

Cost                                                                                                            4121



  1. Cruiser park fees for 2021            15 x 200              =            3000

  2. Donations/ Fund Raising Activity                             =            1000