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Cong Galway Race 2022

The popular Cong Galway race will take place on Saturday 27th August 2022 with a backup date of Sunday 28th August in the event of postponement.

The course follows the old steamer route from Lisloughrey pier near Cong to the city of Galway, which is about 30 nautical miles in total. The race starts in the picturesque shadow of Ashford Castle at the northern end of the lake.

It is raced as two legs.


The first leg finishes at Kilbeg, where competitors can pause for lunch and refreshments. The second leg is via a narrower channel in the lower lake and on to the river with the finish line at Corrib Village.

Cong Galway Route.jpg

To finish up, there is the crowd-pleasing sight of the boats toppling over to get the masts under the Quincentennial Bridge before arriving at the Corrib Rowing and Yachting Club for the presentation of the historic trophy. 


Read about previous runnings of the event on

A bus will be available to bring participants from Galway to Cong on the morning of the event to enable sailors to leave trailers and cars in Galway for recovery & transport after the event.

The guiding principles of regulatory compliance, risk assessment, self-help, and personal responsibility will apply for all participants.


Click here for Entry for the 2022 race on our bookings page.

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